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Insult To Injury by valis Insult To Injury by valis
Well, didn't want to get into an insulting competition, so to paraphrase the SoundGarden label "You make me sick, I make wallpapers."

have fun,

Flag in background is a stock photo - [link]

If you want to see the insults directly - head to [link]

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EonOrteaShadowmaster Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Student Writer
An old piece (well, old for dA), but still extremely relevant.
valis Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Professional Photographer
And thank you :)
valis Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Professional Photographer
Sadly :(
ladyrandomm13 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011  Student
Personally, even though I live in America, I'd have no real issue being called antiAmerica. I wasn't born here...but seriously, people just forget that war creates more issues than it solves. It decides really who's left standing, not who's right.
valis Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Professional Photographer
Sirafu Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2010   Artist
fuck iraq and the people fighting it.....hence they are slaves of the big bankers
karlarei2003 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Uh-oh, I think I saw 'communist' up there somewhere.
You'll have to add it to your list of names later XD

I'm always up for a good debate but when sides start character assassinating one another it turns the conversation into something grotesque and ugly.

Anyway, great job with this one, too! (You little abstard, you)
valis Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2009  Professional Photographer

Thanks :)
karlarei2003 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
^^ Welcome
HSNstorage Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2008
bro , you totally rule ..
valis Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2008  Professional Photographer
Haha ;) Thanks. Glad you liked this piece - I really liked the idea behind doing it - was sick of all those tiresome insults :)
mrgraphicsguy Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's so very true! And I think it's very important that artists concentrate on such topics. Very well done!
yas2er Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2006  Professional Filmographer
love it ... and love the meaning ...
Lisbon-Daysleeper Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2006
I got "stinkin pinko liberal" once. It made me smile =)
DuzzY1981 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2005
awsome ;)
valis Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2005  Professional Photographer

I've just been through your gallery, and well, although I cringed at the sight of anything McDonalds - the quality of your work is really quite impressive. Very nice work.

You're Egyptian? I'm in Zamalek.

DuzzY1981 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2005
realy much appreciated....Thanks for ur kind words :)
StanMorris Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2004
Well gee, nice to hear that in 1995, they were doing so bad. I guess there is nothing wrong with just sitting around and letting the Iraqis die like that right? There is nothing wrong with letting their leader poison millions of their own people correct? Let the kids get their hands cut off for little to no reason, ok? Well, you can spin those statistics around, but the fact is that the Iraqis are on a better road to tomorrow due to the liberation lead by the United States and Great Britain. Statistics like those will be a thing of the past some day for Iraq. But the worst possible decision was letting the same old evil leader keep control of these people while stats like that existed under him.

I don't want war either man, I wish it would never have to take place. But when lives are saved, especially ours, but including others, then sometimes its the only way.

By the way, Bill Clinton was one of the fore-front leaders of those economic sanctions if anyone here was wondering. 95=Democratic President.
valis Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2007  Professional Photographer
It's now March 25th, 2007.

Still believe that "Iraqis are on a better road to tomorrow due to the liberation lead by the United States and Great Britain" ?
-stormclaw- Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2003
Wow stilgar, glad to know personal loss has marred your judgement. You contradict yourself. If the CIA trained them, they they ARE a creation of the CIA. You my uninformed miscreant are another of those that use circular thinking. If we were asked or not we created them. And while Saddam may not be a DIRECT creation of the U.S. We ARE the reason he did so well against Iran in the Iran-Iraq war.

How did you put it? How soon we forget? Yes, we do, and unfortunatly minds left to tinker will find the loophole. Sorry bud, come up with something with some meat on it. And i'm young, but dont you dare tell me i know nothing, I got your statement about MTV and the MP3's at the end of your tirade. Unfortunatly for you I'm a youth with a brain in my head not corrupted by YOUR system nor that of the counterculture. So next time try not to spout steriotypes, I wont call you an old timer if you lay off the crap, i think that is fair.
digitalorb Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2003
Excellent wallpaper !
as usual there are stupid comments.
probably due to the fact that this dev tells the truth...

stilgar Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2003  Professional General Artist
Boy Maulwurf has no real grasp of the facts. must be master of the obviously wrong left..

1. The Taliban was NOT a creation of CIA, the CIA trained them for their role against Russia when asked too,

2. Saddam was NOT set tup by US policy, he was after control of the country before you were even born, you foget he was even given the ORDER to kill his own brother -in-law....not by us, but by the leadership of the past iraq leadership.

3. Desert Storm was not for oil, Saudi Arania has AMERICAN built and maintained bases in their country. why?? because it was the US who taught, and trained, and let the Saudi government know what oil was in the first place!!!

how soon we forget..... we may have diferent oppinions . but when your oppinion threatens our families, and puts us in danger by makingpolicy that we do nothing and sit for enemy action is the most idot thing to ever do... I have lost friends in the middle east so you can go on and watch your MTV, and listen to MP3 all day

so get real everbody........
-stormclaw- Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2003
Patryck and Erai, normally i'd have harsh words for you, but since this is a forum not in person i'll keep that under the table. Erai your first. Saddam is the creation of the United States. We created this man and backed his nation in a war with Iran. We did exactly what we do with everyone we put in power. we help them until they get on our nerves, at that point they are no longer usefull, and so must be dealt with. Thats how things go, dont like the truth? sorry but Saddam may have caused those stats up there and he may not have, but in the end for putting him in power, we are directly responsible. And now for the Communist hater. You I loath, I'm not a communist, but i seriously doubt you have either the education or the mental capability of understanding what communism was suppost to be, and not what it has become. I myself am a socialist, and no that isnt a communist. Anyone with a grade school education could tell you that if the governments propaganda machines havent gotten to them yet. (And i can tell they have gotten to you) People like you love bloodshed for monetary gain, and nothing else. Frankly I pitty you. But anyway i've said my peace, and by the way I'm a high school senior, and i know this, what the hell is your excuse dude? Oh yeah and you talk about free ideas, isnt communism an idea just like your capitalism? And one more boot to your balls if none of that got you, try this. Capitalism is a failure, the U.S isnt a pure capitalist nation we had to use the safety net of Socialist doctrine to prevent the country from slipping into another depression after WWII. Sorry, truth hurts but life sucks then you die.
olddragon Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
I like images like this , because they can lead some people to think about their opinion about this topic. I say some, because unfortunatly there are people who don't think, don't want to thikn and still consider their opinion as the only right one, not accepting what other people think. At least it lead's to a discussion, and that's a good start :) (Smile)
Well done.
maulwurf1984 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2003
saddam is an creation of US politics aiming to hold control in middle east. After the shah of persia (the right hand of America in the Iran) was rejected by the islamic revolution under Ayatolla Chomeni. Reagan gave Saddam millions of dollar, satellite Pics of the Iraq Iran border and technologie to build high tech weapons. The US didn't allow the UNO to make resolutions against the Iraq which had allowed sanctions against that and made contracts for getting oil cheaper as the price on world market. With that politics they allowed saddam to get that strengh he had in 1990 as he rushed into Kuwait. Then US turned their politic into war against iraq because kuwait was important for the oil. and so on.
by the way, the taliban was a creation of US politics too, to defend afghanistan against russia.
I dont know if war on iraq is an resolution. but I know that there have to be others, and that war is an risk for the geostrategic situation in the middle east. this situation could have been totaly different when US Gouverment would have decided in an other way, but that is an utopie.
For now the US Gouverment is trying to remove all those mistakes they did in the last centuries.
I hope I spelled everything right and used the right words, because my english isnt that good.
this is an statement that just representates my own personal opinion on that topic.
erai Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2003
Actually they died due to saddam spending all his money on his military and presidental palaces instead of on his people, so...blame Saddam, course you can't but I just thought I'd point out a key point you where neglecting to mention in your political wallapaper.

Still I like the American flag in the background of your wallpaper so I'll give it a somewhat-like vote.
valis Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2003  Professional Photographer
patryck - that is the single most useless comment anybody can leave for anything. Hardly insightful, not particularly constructive, and just plain moronic. If you have something useful to say about any of my work, please do - but simply saying 'communist crap' - is hardly intelligent.

Let's see how you like it...

Completely moronic.
patryck Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2003
Collateral Damage. What an you do about it? nothing until Saddam is out of this throne of evil.
by the way, don't speak for everyone when were not all opposing the war. I still remember us being individuals around here with democratic rights to opinions, not communist crap like yours.
i-am-the-one Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2003
the hell's wrong with you?? war is good
vemisery Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003   Digital Artist
Your art is the perfect example of why i hate 95% of the human beings i've met in my life. Its very nice work, and holds strong meaning. Reguardless of what names they call you... its nice to see you still stand up for what you believe in.
valis Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2005  Professional Photographer
Not sure I ever said so - but thanks.
idun Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2003

Valis once again you are the reasoning voice that too many ignore while defending their values.
theblueraja Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2003
you tell them narrow minded, ignorant nationalists, man. i really, really appreciate your voice of reason here. thank you.

(p.s. "whinny" is supposed to by "whiny." so technically, that's a misspell too.. :) (Smile) )
ezquel Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2003
I'm not going to comment that newsthread too much. just one
thing came across my mind - the 11 percent of the US youth
who can't find the United States on the map shouldn't
post comments on anything [link]

I don't know where your aiming at after looking more of your works,
but one thing is certain. you shouldn't be called any of those things
for NOT wanting a war. I have served in the army and I know that
warfare with todays weaponry is not a pretty sight.

those statistics are quite shocking. even if there were a little
exaggeration, anything like that happening to innocent children
is so wrong.. and if some idiot claims otherwise he should be shot

I like the design, layout and typo. this is a stylish way to give back
to those name-callers. abstard.. :D (Big Grin)
neosynthetic Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2003  Professional Traditional Artist
dude.. fzck DA.. I just dropped a HUGE response.. and it just gobbled it up.
I don't want war either.

As much as everyone whines about war.. America is only the front man.
I recall a number of countries and their voices in matters like this..
Bush's just getting a bit carried away.
Everyone after the 9.11.. here in the US.. was like'bomb them! turn their country into a parking lot!!' it was ALL I heard for months..
now.. protesting against war..
War can suck a big fat one.
The only parties that should be sought after, are those responsible for the attack. THAT IS IT. Not some crusade..
But alas, they DO sit on some of the largest oil sources in the world.. and the US drinks oil like it was water.. so there's another damned reason.
Wait until alternative fueled vehicles become a bit more commonplace (it's slowly growing :P (Lick) ) then the ned for oil would be a lot less.. that's my optimist perspective there, hehe

it's good to see people speaking out about this..
i just wish those in other countries would realise, it doesn't really help to piss or hate on us.. alot of us DON'T want what Bush wants..
I just wanna chill.. enjoy life.. do some art.. and be at peace. I don't want to ride this boat to war.. but I live here, I didn't do this, I didn't call those shots. It's a heavy weight to bare when you've got X number of people in X number of countries barking at U.S. citizens in general. A crude form of racism in some aspects. *sighs and shakes his head*
Bring our damned men home, take care of those responsible, no more. And let's go back to our usual selves in this world. :( (Sad)
valis Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2008  Professional Photographer
It's a really old deviation, but I was looking at the comments in it today...

I didn't reply at first, because - well, I agree with most of your sentiments, didn't read anything in there that I needed to bark at.

Of course, we both know now - much more than we knew then. Sadly, I have to say - that most people in the Middle East already knew what Americans know now, today, 4 years down the line..

That the reasons were all pretexts, that there was no plan, that it is both dangerous and unwelcome. Etc.

We, in the Middle East, well - perhaps because we've long learned NOT to trust anybody - well, we knew all this. And we told you, and told you and told you as we watched you (America) start this war, this invasion.

And it's shit.

For all of us, really.

I just wanted to write back now, because -

Well, we realize. We've always realized. You express hope that we'd realize that American Individual X - is not to be hated, etc - cause you're not holding the cards, moving the pieces.

Well, yes and no. First of all, we find it somewhat ... naive of you (please forgive my dramatic use of the generalized 'you'...) - to believe what you were told, that you were led to this. We do not, and I have personally not seen or heard anything racist, actually. Except in what you'd call the thinking class - and there - well, we just find you young, impulsive, irresponsible.

But not Evil.

Evil of course, is a category reserved for the orchestrators of genocide, and extends to individuals when we watch an online video of an American GI THROWING a puppy off a cliff and laughing about it in Iraq.

But to address your specifc comment, no - we don't really ';piss and hate on' you ;)

We just wish you'd take charge. Bring back the Captian America that refused to do the governments bidding because he said it had diverged from the ideals of his dream.l

And so we go.
drakken Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2003
I dont want a war either.
I like this piece because its pretty thoughtful people forget on this site that art doesn't have to be uber complex and impossible to recreate to be art.
I find Bush and his governments whole "I wanna start awar to look like a hero" crusade pretty pety and naive. First he declares war on terrorism which alone is virtually impossible seeing as how its not a nation you can bomb the shit out of its a state of mind much like any other that has no real tangable form. This wont stop old U.S. of A though! Get you guns we're going to Afghanistan! Later when he fails there he turns his sights on Iraq.

Why in gods name was this man elected?

I think that its also pretty "unique" that people call you such things for your opinions. I almost forgot! We're "artists"! We're NOT ALLOWED to have opinions!

Pretty hypocritical when you put it all into retrospect.
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